Terms of Service

These terms outline your obligations as the party interested in the purchase of a Domain Name ("Buyer"), currently registered to another party ("Seller").

1. A Buyers offer is binding for the earlier of 7 days or until declined by the Seller. In the event an offer is accepted prior to this period, the Buyer agrees that the offer becomes binding on both parties and shall be completed at the agreed price within 28 days.

2. No fees are payable by the Buyer except in the case of Buyer default. The parties agree that reneging on an offer accepted under these terms renders the defaulting party liable for a termination fee equivalent to 10% of the agreed price, payable to the other party within 14 days.

3. With the exception of abuse (below), we collect a Buyers name, number and email address only for purposes related to any offer made to a Seller. If you do not wish to provide these details, do not use this service.

4. We store your details as long as reasonably required to deliver the services you use and to safeguard all parties to any subsequently related transaction.

5. We do not share your data except with the Seller and any parties involved in any subsequently related transaction.

6. Use of this service to submit spam, marketing or advertising is strictly forbidden ("abuse"). In the event you do so, you fully and irrevocably agree to your details being stored indefinitely, disclosed to law enforcement, spam prevention and any other parties or services we deem appropriate. You further agree to compensate us for the processing of your data in the amount of US$250 per violation.

7. These Terms of Service were last updated 15-Apr-24 and are subject to change without notice.